techDemo 0.7.1 public release

whats new in TechDemo 0.7.1:

  • BGM integration there are now 20 music tracks included in the download that will loop as background music during the game. you can adapt the volume of it to your needs or silence it completely via the Settings menu
  • Foto Mode a big part of the final game will be the ability to snap pictures of candid moments either for your own pleasure, leverage or as trading objects with other NPCs. You can test it out in the Shower Scene
  • new Smartphone UI originally the Smartphone was inteded to be just "another" menu where you can take a look at the pictures you took in the Foto Mode but then I decided to make it more versatile and replace the quick menu with it. the Smartphone now houses all existing menus and has room for those yet to come.
  • Area Lockdown as many may have experienced: you could get stuck in school really easy. mainly due to the door and dialog system not set up to handle any other "encounter" outside the intended school time because the player should not be there any other time anyway. and now that system is finally in place to make sure nobody gets in to places at times they should not be there. (PS: who wants to be at school on weekend anyway, right?)
  • New NPCs: Deon and Suki both, Deon and Suki, are classmates and can be found in the classroom during school time. for now they serve no other purpose than to fill up the place a little but they will get their share of interaction with the coming updates.
  • file size optimization this might not sound too fancy at first but given the intended scope of my game it became clear for me that I might end up with a massively large game package if I keep the almost raw PNGs for my scenes. I did some tests with image optimization tools to find the sweet spot between file size and quality which lead to a overall file size decrease of ~70%. In the long run this will be vital to keep the games download size to an acceptable amount.


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Jan 08, 2018

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