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I found a crashing bug: Using the keyboard navigate to People in Journal and accidentally press E an extra time without selecting a person.


thanks, will try to replicate that and fix it ;)

So far it seems that the game is going well. I kind of wish Mercedes let you work more than one time but besides that it seems to be a decent early access.

yep, that's a bug I'm already working on to get fixed ;)

I thought that was just a WIP due to no dialogue for multiple shifts... Is it possible to add an FPS counter button into the game for testing areas?

nah, Mercedes was intended to be available every day every time except for "night"...

regarding the FPS counter... sure it would be not a big deal to add this to the F7 debug screen... but I never had the feeling to need to check for the FPS even tho I tested the game on some rather old hardware
do you have the feeling it stutters or freeze?

Not yet but when you start adding more and more scripts to it, it can happen. For example, I was helping someone bug test another RPG and of all things the Day Night system they added before I started helping was tanking a good 54 FPS making the game run at a high of 6. Just saying it will help probably.

6 FPS sounds indeed horrible ^^